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We do the Sales for you! Really.

We are a photographer's best friend.

Does this sound like you?

  • I love photography, but I’m not a salesperson...

  • I’m not great at selling albums and products...

  • In-person sales (IPS) makes me feel icky...

  • I need to increase my sales averages...

  • I need to get paid what I am worth...

  • I want to lower business expenses and payroll costs...

  • I want more time with my family...

Let us help. We can do the Sales Session for you.

We understand that it can be hard for some artists to sell for themselves or talk about themselves in a way that doesn’t come across as boastful.

We have proven time and time again that you don’t have to do this yourself,! We can take the burden off of you and free you up to create art.

Our skills are first rate!

We know what to say, how to handle the difficult questions, and how to deal with demanding clients. Never again will you need to regret your actions in the Sales Room - like giving give too many discounts or freebies. We can sell for you and we can make your clients fall in love with you and your art.

We are your Cheerleaders! With our process, we form relationships with your clients on your behalf, it becomes personal to them, not salesy or impersonal. We can do all this while INCREASING your sales averages.

What we do and how we do it!

Step 1: Book it!

When you book your client's Photo Session, you also book their Sales Session with us (you have access to our calendar!)

Step 2: Shoot it and send it!

Complete your client Photo Session, and then cull and correct your images for client viewing then simply send your images to us!

Step 3: Sit back and let us sell!

We will take great care of your clients and make them feel special. We will reveal the images to them in a Virtual Sales Session and help them select the products and packages that work for them! We collect payment on your behalf (using your payment processor)!

Step 4: You order the art!

Using the client invoice we send you, you edit and order the client artwork. Easy!

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Questions? We have answers!

What services do you offer?

We provide photographers with a fully-remote sales service. Short version: after you photograph the customer, we complete the online reveal and sales session, collect the payment from the customer, and send you the order!

For an additional fee, we can also provide consulting in pricing, product offerings, and business processes. As well as: offer image editing, album design, landing pages, and mining past clients!

Will my clients know you are a photographer too?

Absolutely not! To your client, we are a member of your staff - we are your designers! We act on your behalf ALWAYS and will never mention we have our own studio. Ever.

How do you price your services?

We charge the photographer a monthly minimum fee, plus a percentage of every sale we make.

We can give you precise quote once we know a bit more about you.

What experience do you have?

Kim and Bud have been photographers for over thirty years, and have operated Kimberly Sarah Photography, LLC for over ten years. They maintain their public Dog Art Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They run a high-service, low volume business. They are full time dog and family photographers and have spoken at many national conferences.

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